Our Story

I decided to not write about the Elara Luna story in the 3rd person format. I want to be more personal because we are all on this journey of self-love together.

I tend to be a little awkward with introductions (and talking about myself in general) but here goes nothing! My name is Janelle and I am the CEO and Founder of Elara Luna. Elara Luna’s motto is 'Embrace Your Reflection' and that’s exactly what I want all of you, our amazing customers, to be able to do. I want you to put on an Elara Luna label piece or one of our curated pieces to feel like a goddess; a sexy, confident, badass goddess who can walk into any room and not just own it, but know that you own it.

Growing up, I always was told I had “such a pretty face”. I hid my body in loose, baggy pants, ill-fitting tees, and giant hoodies. I loved fashion but I was embarrassed by my curves, especially my chest. I would only wear minimizer bras or sports bras. It wasn’t comfy, and it was most definitely not cute. Instead of wearing beautiful clothes, I would sketch them. I would sketch designs that I could have someone make for me “when I hit it big” – side note: that just made me laugh.

I was the nice girl, the funny girl, the girl that did everything for anyone; but seldom the girl who would get asked to a dance or out for a date. I would go to the mall with my friends and watch them pick out cute little crop tops or hip huggin’ jeans and I would pretend to look at things I knew just wouldn’t fit my curvy body. I could fit into straight size clothing, at the time I would fluctuate then between a 12-16, but I had too big of a chest to fit into any of the dresses, and hips too wide to ever be able to button a pair of jeans without the rest of them sagging everywhere else.

After I graduated high school, my mind started to shift. Why was I wearing clothes that did nothing for me just so I could shop in the straight size stores? I decided I was going to dress better and to (with caution) embrace my body. After all, if I heard that I “had a pretty face” once more, I was going to combust. A gentle little note to anyone saying that; try saying “You are so pretty! Your face is beautiful.” As nice as you may be trying to be, the receiver of the compliment may feel like that means the rest of who they are is not up to par. 

I began my new journey of embracing my curves, and letting my now 16-18 size body be shown and not hidden. The problem? There were a few. I couldn’t find any plus size clothing that didn’t seem matronly and “I hadn’t hit it big yet”! I couldn’t go into a mall, I couldn’t find anywhere that had styles that made me feel like a goddess or that I could walk into a date and know that I was the prize (and he better work!).

I began to scour online and I found stores in the UK that had plus size clothing that was trendy, sexy, and anything any of my non-curvy friends would love to wear. Finding and then being able to wear clothing that showed off my ample hourglass shape gave me confidence and made me feel like I wasn’t just a face. I was simply just me, a girl who had a little extra but was proud to show off that extra and be just as stylish as any other young 20 something girl should get to be.

Through this new journey of embracing and learning to love myself AND my curves, the pretty face comments (mostly) stopped. The compliments flowed though even more so. Honestly, I feel weird saying that but it’s to make a point, I promise. I truly believe that through my self-love, people saw my kind spirit more. My inner beauty glowed so much from that confidence and self love that my outer beauty began to shine. Isn’t it kind of crazy how a little fabric can make someone feel? As I grew up more, there was something that I always went back to, those sketches for ‘when I made it big’. 

My soul feels most filled when I am helping others. I began to realize that the best way to feed my soul was to help other women who felt the way I used to; like they had to hide. I wanted curvy women to be able to feel so beautiful they radiate it from the inside out, like a true a goddess. I also want that feeling to be easily accessible. There just are not enough clothing options for curvy and plus size women, period. I focused more and more on this dream of mine and through many signs and opportunities, I felt like I was being pulled into something I could no longer steer away from and soon enough, Elara Luna was born. 

The Elara Luna name is special, but I’ve blabbed on enough for this post. You can find the meaning right here. I hope you love the name just as much as I do.

I want to thank you so much for taking the time to read my story. I hope you love the clothing Elara Luna has to offer and that each day, even if only for a few minutes, you can feel like the goddess that you are.

With Sincere Gratitude,

CEO & Founder

Elara Luna 

PS: I want to hear your stories! What makes you feel like a goddess? What has your journey to self-love been like? Please contact me through here, on instagram (@elaralunacurve or my personal @janelle.elaraluna) and I promise to respond. 

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