Behind The Name

The mythological mortal princess and the magic surrounding the moon inspired the name Elara Luna.

Elara was a mortal princess in Greek mythology. She was beautiful but humble and although she wasn’t a goddess, she was still considered a threat because of her grace and femininity. Elara was banished to Earth from living amongst the Gods due to jealousy. Instead of succumbing to her now fate, Elara chose to use the same resistance and will she always carried, and became an Earth Goddess. She is a true underdog and although she was cast in the shadows, she always carried her own light and shined bright where anyone whom saw her could not deny her beauty or the positive vibrations she illuminated.

The Moon is first the light of the night in the sky. It illuminates the earth on full moon nights and plunges it into the mystery of darkness until the new moon. The moon is said to help inspire and enchant those who seek it’s help fulfill their purpose; putting them on the path of fulfillment and endless possibility.

We know sometimes you may feel like an underdog and that you’re unsure which path to follow in this crazy world we live in. We would love nothing more than the feeling you get from wearing Elara Luna to help inspire you to feel your best, love yourself, and to let that self-love inspire you to attract everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

With Sincere Gratitude,

CEO & Founder

Elara Luna